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360° photos

There is incredible promotional potential with 360° and virtual reality images when it comes to promoting your brand or cause. Using 360° media in your social media content has been shown to offer around 60% more engagement with users and it literally provides 6x more space to display your content, compared to a static image or video. Uses include

  • Show off your unique venue
  • Display a crowd having fun
  • Show off your fresh produce
  • Inspiring acion shots
  • Sell your vision & more!

The only limit is our collective creativity, and we bring it to the table by the bucket-load!

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Virtual Reality Graphics

From small local businesses to major international festivals, everyone is getting on board with the shift towards 360° graphics and media production and Virtual Reality flyers and promotions. It's the new BIG thing and here are just some of the ways we can use Virtual Reality to make your content pop:

  • Event flyers & posters
  • Cafe & restaurant menus
  • Promotional artworks
  • Photography montages
  • Interactive competitions & much more!

This is especially engaging on mobile devices, which is now around 70% of users.

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360° VR Video

Put users at the heart of your experience with VR style 360° video. Can be watched on computers, mobile phones or in a fully immersive VR headset, such as the Samsung Gear or Oculus Rift.

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Tiny Planet and 2D Effects

By filimg video in 360°, we open the door to a whole range of stunning new cinematic effects, including Tiny Planet and perspective reverse. These new formats are cutting edge - now is the time to shoot!

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Google Tour Links

Promote your virtual tour. Bring both new an existing customers inside and familiarise them with your business. Creating social media pathways to your Google Virtual Tour has a number of benefits:

  • Drive traffic to your Google profile
  • Show off multiple frames from one post
  • Stand out social media content
  • Attract customers with wide panos
  • Re-post multiple times, different shots

If you get your Google Street View Tour with us, we'll guide you through social media sharing completely free!

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